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Criminal Defense

Moss Law Group provides the highest levels of legal representation throughout Southern California and beyond with nearly 50 years of experience. We understand that being prosecuted for a crime can be a life-changing ordeal and one that you need expert advice to navigate. Richard A. Moss, our founding attorney, has wide-ranging experience that gives unique insight into all aspects of the courtroom, which he puts to work for each of the firm’s clients.

We practice in state and federal courts throughout California.

White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime is taken very seriously and a conviction can have life-changing consequences including loss of professional licensing, loss of employment, and, of course, incarceration. If you are facing a white collar crime charge, it is important to have an experienced and aggressive advisor by your side. Moss Law Group has worked with clients at both the state and federal courts throughout Southern California with extensive trial experience.

Money Laundering

Anti-money laundering statutes have expanded in recent years with the government investing significant funds into the investigation and prosecution of money laundering crimes. Additional forfeiture statutes increase the risk of seizure of cash, property, and other assets, in addition to lengthy prison sentences. Moss Law Group has successfully obtained dismissals of money laundering charges in addition to the return of property seized.

Tax Fraud

Being convicted of tax fraud can have significant impacts on an individual’s personal and financial well-being. Moss Law Group has the experience and resources needed to get results for our clients charged with both California and IRS tax fraud cases.

Mail/Wire Fraud

Even innocuous use of the telephone, internet, fax, or mail in conjunction with any fraudulent scheme can allow the federal government to bring a separate criminal prosecution for mail or wire fraud in federal court. Penalties of those convicted of these crimes can be millions in fines and up to 30 years in imprisonment. Moss Law Group has defended a variety of these cases mostly in the realm of health care fraud or other types of insurance fraud.    


The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly known as RICO, refers to criminal acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. While it was originally intended to fight organized crime, RICO has become a common claim in federal courts and is now far-reaching in its scope and is used to prosecute many types of fraudulent schemes. Penalties may include thousands in fines as well as prison time in addition to other civil suits. Moss Law Group has unique insight into RICO laws and RICO trials and a proven record of getting results.

Health Care Fraud

Moss Law Group has nearly 50 years of experience working with health care fraud clients in Southern California and throughout the country. We navigate the intricacies of California’s legal system so that you can get back to helping your patients and running your business. If you have been accused of illegal or fraudulent billing by Medicare, Medi-Cal, or private insurers, contact us today.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is the act of presenting false information or claims to an insurance company for the purpose of receiving payment that would otherwise not be given. Prosecutions of these crimes have been steadily increasing in the last 15 years and the prosecuting agencies have gained wide experience and are becoming extremely aggressive in their tactics. If faced with any charges of insurance fraud, you must have an experienced and equally aggressive attorney by your side.

Illegal Referrals / Anti-Kickback

Federal and state laws make it a crime to exchange, or offer to exchange, money or anything else of value to induce the referral of health care business. Anyone involved in this industry is subject to scrutiny under these laws including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and others. Moss Law Group has the industry knowledge and government experience to defend these types of cases with great success.

Civil / Criminal Forfeiture

Under civil or criminal law, the government can take title to private property using forfeiture. If you have been subject to civil or criminal forfeiture, it is important that you work with experienced attorneys to understand your options. Defenses exist and we can work to help you legally recover your property.

Civil Investigative Demands

The federal government, under the aegis of the False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. § 3729), has the power to compel your business to produce its records and to submit to written questions or depositions—even without an actual civil lawsuit having been filed.  To make matters worse, the government is permitted to share any information that it receives with a criminal prosecutor who might be investigating your business or industry.  If you have received a Civil Investigative Demand, you can rely on our experience and judgment in responding to the government on your behalf.


Restraining Orders

When there is a reasonable belief that violence, stalking or abusive behavior may occur, a judge may issue a protective restraining order if it is shown that someone poses a risk of violence or harassment. If you want to discuss your need for a restraining order, or contest an order of protection directed at you, we can help. Moss Law Group has had numerous successes and experience dealing with restraining orders and can help you through this process.

Domestic Violence

If you have suffered abuse from a family member, spouse, or domestic partner, it is important to know your rights and ability to be protected under the law. If you have been falsely accused of a domestic violence crime, it is equally as important to understand what you can do to protect your name. Moss Law Group has a proven record of producing results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

DUI/Drug Crimes

For nearly 50 years, Moss Law Group has successfully defended DUI and drug-related crimes in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, including the administrative DMV hearing that parallels a DUI case. Punishments are more serious than ever before—including loss of license, jail sentences, substantial fines, and more. We work to investigate the facts of the case, then use our best analyses and arguments to negotiate and aggressively litigate your position in court and before the DMV.

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