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Health Care Law

We understand that you, as a healthcare professional, want to run your business and spend your time taking care of your patients. This is why you need Moss Law Group by your side with their nearly 50 years of experience in health care law. We understand the highly specialized and complex legal situations that doctors, nurses, chiropractors, diagnostic facilities and others sometimes face and we work to resolve those issues as quickly as possible.

Licensing & Audits

Licensing Restrictions and Accusations

There are a variety of state and federal agencies, committees, boards, and commissions that govern health care licensing and policies. If you have an issue with licensing restrictions or accusations, you want advocates that understand the process and can negotiate within an administrative system. Moss Law Group brings together a unique blend of litigation skills, experience, knowledge that will benefit you.

Medicare and Medi-Cal Audits

Healthcare providers are under greater scrutiny than ever before in today’s regulatory environment. As a medical professional, receiving a notice of an alleged “overpayment” from Medicare or Medi-Cal can be stressful and confusing. We understand how to navigate these situations and help you through the appeals process.


Qui Tam Whistleblower Cases

Qui Tam cases are powerful methods for whistleblowers to help stop many forms of fraud, including Medicare and Medi-Cal fraud. Our efforts in such cases have made a crucial difference for our clients for the last 20 years and we are well-known and highly regarded by our adversaries in this specialized form of civil lawsuit.

Civil Litigation

Moss Law Group is dedicated to finding solutions to a wide variety of legal challenges that our clients face, including contract and business litigation; certain personal injury actions; and other statutory violations. Knowing when to litigate versus taking other paths is important as we consider our clients’ time and expenses. We want you to be able to concentrate on your practice and serving your patients.

Employment Law

We are familiar with the challenges facing the healthcare industry, including common operational and employment issues. There are a variety of issues including wage compliance, discrimination matters, noncompetition agreements, whistleblower actions, and more that fall under this category of law. Moss Law Group is here to help you navigate any of these areas.


Business Structure

Setting up or reformatting your business can be a tricky and costly procedure. But having the right legal counsel by your side can help you navigate this experience efficiently. Moss Law Group has big firm experience but provides personal attention so you get the answers you want for your business structure questions.

Advertising & Marketing

We have worked with clients in advertising in marketing, from regulatory review to execution and through litigation, if necessary. Marketing and promotion in healthcare must be undertaken—by the professional and by the marketer—thoughtfully and in keeping with the regulatory requirements that oversee this industry. 

Sale of Existing Business

At Moss Law Group, we have helped clients negotiate the sale of their business from beginning to end and have advised clients through all phases of the sale. If you are looking to make a transition, it is important that you work with an attorney that will look after your best interest.

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