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Health Care Law

Just as you have spent years mastering your specialty in medicine, Moss Law Group has spent years honing our expertise in health care law. We navigate the intricacies of California’s legal system so that you can get back to helping your patients and running your business.

Health care law is highly complex, highly regulated, and highly specialized. We can help you:

  • Establish a new medical practice
  • Consolidate existing practices and businesses
  • Develop a compliance strategy
  • Defend against a challenge to your license
  • Defend against fraud or criminal allegations
  • Negotiate Medicare and Medi-Cal Audits and Appeals

With you from the start

We can help you make the right moves before you enter into a business arrangement. That can mean the difference between a legal and an illegal business venture.

The consequences of an illegal business venture can include criminal prosecution, licensing sanctions, the loss of practice-related privileges, civil penalties and the loss of reputation.

We’ll work with you to ensure regulatory compliance from the outset. We will review your proposed business structure and compensation structures to make certain that they do not violate federal or state laws.

Standing by your side

If you’re facing a Medicare or Medi-Cal audit, we’re ready to stand by your side. We have extensive experience negotiating settlements for our medical professional clients with the California Department of Health Care Services and the federal Health and Human Services.

We may be able to substantially reduce the amount of an overpayment assessment or help earn a determination in your favor. Or we may be able to help you keep your provider number that is otherwise subject to suspension or revocation by a government agency.

We will also help you preserve and pursue your appeal rights in the event of an unfavorable audit decision or after sanctions are imposed on your provider status.

There in your time of need

Moss Law Group has extensive experience with administrative law, state and federal criminal law, and civil litigation involving health care professionals.

Our lawyers have developed strategies to achieve the best possible results for health care professionals subject to disciplinary actions, civil cases and criminal cases.

Our health care law clients include:

Doctors; Nurses; Pharmacists; Osteopaths; Chiropractors; Podiatrists; Physical therapists; Medical Spas; Imaging and other independent diagnostic testing facilities; and any other person or entity who holds a license from any California agency

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