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Daily Journal Spotlight – September 2016

By Renee Flannery

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Sim Hoffman, M.D.’s Defense Wins A Sustained Demurrer In 102 Count Information In Orange County Superior Court

By Lonce LaMon – September 8, 2016

Richard Moss, who regularly appears in court in a finely tailored sapphire blue suit, is … a former prosecutor who presently represents Sim Hoffman, M.D. as well as Jeffrey Stevens, who is a current defendant still incarcerated in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Criminal Organization Munir Uwaydah case. Moss … sure packs a wallop.”

Much Anticipated Orange County Landmark Ruling From Court Of Appeal Goes In Favor Of Defense. Petition For Writ Of Mandate Granted

By Lonce LaMon – March 22, 2016

“Workers’ compensation billing fraud cases are a formidable challenge. How to get in the seemingly infinite numbers.  In 2012, during the first case of Sim Hoffman, M.D. which was a grand jury case … filed in May of 2011 in Orange County was also lost but to a successful 995 motion led by defense attorney Richard Moss.”

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Hoffman’s Hearing Rep, Louis Santillan, Had Too Much Stress On $450,000 A Year. Case Continued To March 4th 2016 in Orange County Superior Court

By Lonce LaMon – February 25, 2016

“Hoffman defense attorney, Richard Moss, … replied by email two days ago [and] signed his short message:  “All my best, RAM”.  The Ram.  That’s an appropriate nickname for Richard Alan Moss as he’s just like a ram.  Always bombarding. … He’s got charm and the power of experience.”

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Sim Hoffman, M.D. On Calendar For Friday, February 26th 2016 In Orange County Superior Court. Defense has one last shot at a 995 motion before trial

By Lonce LaMon – February 22, 2016

“In December of 2013, Richard Moss succeeded in having the previous indicted case with 884 counts dismissed based upon “Johnson error.”    This is named case law about a prosecutor leaving out “exculpatory evidence” when presenting evidence to a grand jury.

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Awards & Recognitions

CRF Award

Jerry Marshak – Attorney of the Year Award, Constitutional Rights Foundation

CRF is a non-profit, community based organization dedicated to educating youth about the importance of civic participation. Its leadership includes members of law, business, education, media, and the community who provide training and education to thousands of children each year. They annually honor esteemed members of the organization with awards such as “Attorney of the Year” for work done on the organization’s behalf.

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